Gestalt Associates offers a variety of workshops and classes for clients, families and professionals.

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Jumping Over Quicksand

Help your children deal with your divorce in the healthiest way possible.

Money in the Middle: Couples in Conflict

Resolve economic imbalance, build confidence and closeness, and change economically damaging behavior.

Difficult Scenarios in Couples Therapy

Examine seven common situations that psychotherapists encounter and then, through hands-on learning, understand how to bring clients toward resolution.

Heart of the Matter: Effective Couples Treatment

Learn from Gestalt Associates Clinical Director, Norman Shub, how to practice a model of effective couples treatment used by clinicians worldwide.

Position-Oriented Family Therapy

This approach to family therapy provides professionals with the chance to learn, explore and integrate a comprehensive approach to family therapy through a treatment that has been developed by Norman Shub at the Gestalt Institute of Central Ohio during the last 40 years.

Introduction to Evidence-Based Therapy

Explore research, data and meta-analysis, demonstrating the No. 1 road to recovery: a positive relationship between the client and the clinician.

Group Experience

Participants learn the process and methodology of ongoing group psychotherapy through teaching and taking part. Participants are encouraged to bring their own experiences to the group and use the setting to observe the developing needs of the group and the skills needed by group therapists in real time.

Parenting ADD and ADHD Kids

Learn ways to help your child in areas of self-esteem, communication, school, and relationships.  There will be a lot of information for parents on how to help their ADD or ADHD child thrive. 

Introduction to the Gestalt Process of Foundational Change

An introduction for mental health professionals, students and others to the modern Gestalt process, which emphasizes safety, sensitivity and client respect.


Developing Your Child's Self-Esteem

Developing Your Child's Self-Esteem


Learn how to raise a child’s self-esteem through concrete, practical, specific and clear discussions. Parents, psychotherapy professionals and educators will help a child’s self-esteem grow. Watch as the child understands that without those negative beliefs taking root, doors to new opportunity will open. This tried-and-true approach is a must for professionals and parents.

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