Today’s children and families experience high levels of anxiety and stress. As a result, children are experiencing depression, confusion, frustration and loss; often acting out through alcohol abuse, drug abuse and violence. School is often the environment in which the child expresses his or her feelings. This leaves educators struggling with ways to balance the educational and emotional needs of their students.

Gestalt Associates recognizes the challenges facing school professionals, and we work through our case managers to develop a close relationship with the school staff and administration.

Our highly trained team of caring professionals are committed to forming a partnership with schools to support, join and develop effective, high-quality treatment strategies unique to each family. Our model creates an atmosphere of safety and respect, which allows honest evaluation of one's choices and personal responsibilities.

Gestalt Associates provide consultation, in-service training, postgraduate training and parenting programs such as Developing Your Child’s Self-Esteem, Working with the Challenging Child, and other child and adolescent topics specific to school professionals. These programs can be adapted to meet the needs of your school or school system.

We also offer our Parenting from Your Heart program. This comprehensive parenting program for families and professionals teaches adults how to listen to children, hear what they are saying and connect with them — even during conflict. Margie Mapes, lead child therapist, gives life to the voice of the child, helping adults understand what the child is feeling in the moment and giving participants special insight into their children.


Developing Your Child's Self-Esteem

Developing Your Child's Self-Esteem


Learn how to raise a child’s self-esteem through concrete, practical, specific and clear discussions. Parents, psychotherapy professionals and educators will help a child’s self-esteem grow. Watch as the child understands that without those negative beliefs taking root, doors to new opportunity will open. This tried-and-true approach is a must for professionals and parents.

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