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Being a better parent isn’t a cliché, it’s a state of being, a skill set, a philosophy, an approach to life.

Being a better manager, leader and supervisor isn’t a notion, it’s the opportunity to learn new skills and integrate those talents into your work life.

Being an outstanding therapist or organizational consultant isn’t a job, it’s a lifelong journey. REAL Publications help leaders, parents, managers, sales professionals and therapists improve what they do and do it in a more exciting, vital and meaningful way. Change yourself so you can grow personally, professionally and within relationships in real ways.

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Climbing the Moving Mountain

Climbing the Moving Mountain


Explore the process of character change from the inside out through this honest, open discussion of the internal struggle of dealing with a personality disorder. Author Norman Shub takes the reader inside the therapy and remedy process, exploring the benchmarks and difficulties of this treatment progression.

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