Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy and Counseling

Individual therapy at Gestalt Associates is an intense, interpersonal experience in which you have the opportunity to gain awareness, examine how you interact with others and define specific issues that stand in the way of a fuller life. People come to Gestalt Associates because they’re suffering. They also come because they need help to learn how to achieve their potential and grow beyond where they are now.

People can change. With our help, individuals can begin to:

  • Really understand themselves
  • Learn how to be different
  • Experience themselves behaving in new ways
  • Develop new skills to learn how to love
  • Learn how to share
  • Learn how to be more effective
  • Learn how to do the things they have struggled to do
  • Overcome the obstacles that brought them into therapy in the first place

For decades, Gestalt Associates has been recognized as an industry leader committed to its clients. Our clinicians work incredibly hard to help their clients be successful in the world, developing models of individual therapy that are used in facilities and training programs throughout the world.

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