Group Therapy and Counseling

The group experience sounds intimidating to many potential group members. However, there is no richer, more potent place to learn interpersonal relationship skills, to discover the core aspects of your personality, to explore strengths and opportunities for personal growth and to address interpersonal obstacles to relationship success, than in a group setting.

Gestalt Associates' group therapy gives you the power to deal with your issues and direct your own therapy and growth during a life-changing experience. Gestalt groups are known for being safe, highly experiential and transformational at the deepest level — a unique interpersonal experience.

Being in a group allows you to practice the skills that you are trying to develop alongside other people who are also working toward this goal. This setting allows you to receive feedback about the impact of your behavior on others and to see other people struggle with issues that you are trying to overcome. Most of all, you are not working alone on yourself in a vacuum, so you can share the joy in finding solutions and resolutions together and seeing the smiles that growth creates.

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