Family Therapy and Counseling
Family therapy

Families are complex units — living organisms comprised of people who may share common genes but can also be very different from each other. Whether a single couple, partners with children or an extended household that includes more than the traditional family unit, we help individuals come together and learn how to function better as a group.

Change is difficult for everyone. Bringing the entire family into the process is a critical part of treatment. Developing stronger and better relationships by understanding how to support each other — adults and children — as a whole is the goal.

Through Position-Oriented Family Therapy, developed by Gestalt Associates Clinical Director Norman Shub and employed by clinics around the world, families will learn to:

  • Improve their communication skills
  • Engage each other respectfully
  • Solve problems
  • Work together
  • Develop skills to function more effectively over time
  • Resolve detrimental conflicts
  • Restore and meet the needs of adolescents who seem out of control
  • Return the power of parenting in the right direction
  • Help children value themselves

Family therapy allows young children, early teens, young adults, parents and other extended family members to learn together how to deal with issues that the family is struggling with.

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