Parenting From Your Heart

Parenting Work

Many parents are looking for help to understand and develop the skills they need to help their families and children be successful.

During the last 20 plus years, Gestalt Associates Clinical Director, Norman Shub, and Lead Child Therapist, Margie Mapes, have developed the model: Parenting From Your Heart. This model helps individuals learn what they need to do differently to help their children grow, and also identifies opportunities for growth to help their children become successful. By embracing this parenting philosophy, adults can use it as a guide throughout their child’s life.

This time-tested parenting series will help you become a more successful parent.  When your child is struggling or you are looking for more effective parenting skills, PFYH at Gestalt Associates can help.

Along with working one on one with parents, Gestalt Associates offers a parenting class called Parenting from Your Heart that assists parents, grand parents, care takers and guardians in further improving their parenting skills and learning ways to raise their child’s self-esteem.

Together, working with parents (parenting feedback) and PFYH will help you become a more effective parent and assert a more positive influence on your child’s life.

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