Case management

Child and adolescent therapy services

Children, Adolescents, and Young Adults.

Trained by the Gestalt Institute of Central Ohio, our case manager participates as an equal member of our team. He/She is fully integrated in all clinical endeavors, providing services to families, children, and organizations within the community. Because it is important to understand the academic needs as well as the emotional needs of every child, we are committed to working with schools and other service providers to provide support, communication and intervention to offer the most comprehensive treatment possible.

As children mature, they face ever-growing points of stress and pressure along with higher levels of anxiety, depression, frustration and confusion. School can become an environment in which these feelings cultivate, sometimes resulting in unhealthy choices or risky behaviors. This leaves educators and parents struggling with ways to balance the educational and emotional needs of the child.

Gestalt Associates Case Management Program assists in building communication between therapists, school officials, teachers, the student and the parent(s) to offer support around the issues that affect the child’s life. The case manager leads this team, which collaborates with the parents through classroom observations and other special services that assist the process.

At Gestalt Associates, we are committed to working with the school and other service providers to help your child be successful — academically and in life.


Sometimes additional services are necessary beyond the traditional therapeutic relationship.

The Gestalt case manager provides, coordination, collaboration, support and referral services for adults who need assistance with challenges including:

Multiple Service Providers

Obtaining Medical/Psychosocial history.

Employment Opportunities.

Volunteer Opportunities

Social Skills

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