Child Therapy at Gestalt Associates

child therapy and counseling services

Gestalt Associates is widely known for its child therapy program. Our approach is based on the work of Violet Oaklander, one of America’s most highly regarded child therapists. Margie Mapes is the Clinical Director of the Gestalt Associates Child Therapy Program here in Columbus, Ohio. Trained in the Oaklander method and under supervision with Violet Oaklander, Margie consults with the Gestalt clinical staff. 

This program serves children from the age of three to young adulthood. The goal is to give the child a safe space to explore their feelings, to reclaim parts of the self that they may not be in touch with, and to gain self esteem while expanding their ability to be successful in the world. We also work with the parents, helping them to understand what they can do differently to help their child have a more successful life. Families who bring their children to Gestalt Associates feel the team support for their family's issues. If your child is struggling Gestalt Associates can be a place where you can learn how to have a healthier, happier family life.

One of the unique parts of our approach is the way we include the parents in the therapy process.  They are included in the parenting feedback process to help them understand how they can help their family grow stronger too.  The team works together to help the family develop new skills for success.