About Gestalt Associates

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At Gestalt Associates, we work alongside our clients to treat the whole person — mind and body. We understand the complexity of interpersonal relationships and the difficulty of changing established patterns with partners, family, friends and work associates. Solutions to deep, personal suffering must be rooted in real-life understanding and not just a quick fix or a one-size-fits-all approach.

Gestalt Associates teams provide the highest quality counseling and psychotherapy services, whether individual, marital, child, couple, family, case management, parenting or group. The staff meets regularly to discuss each case and explore solutions. We make you a part of the process so you experience and recognize resolutions as they take hold.

Through ongoing professional development and training, members of the Gestalt Associates staff remain at the cutting edge of psychotherapy, integrating new techniques and ideas into our approach. Through the Gestalt Institute of Central Ohio — an international postgraduate program that provides training for psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers and organizational consultants — our staff is not only learning but training others in the field. Our diagnostic models and approaches are used by clinicians around the world.

Most importantly, the professionals at Gestalt Associates care about every one of our clients. Our No. 1 commitment is the health and care of the people we work with.


Parenting from Your Heart

Parenting from Your Heart


This guide focuses on the “Parenting from the Heart” philosophy and the skills necessary to make it a reality. It encourages adults to examine themselves and to make the changes that will create opportunities for them and their children to enjoy the best that life can offer.

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