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Our Clinical Staff


The clinical staff at Gestalt Associates is a multi-talented team of experienced mental health professionals dedicated to providing comprehensive, innovative, effective psychotherapy services for children and families.

Our clinical staff are trained in Gestalt principles and receives ongoing, extensive post graduate training. Our staff is committed to learning more and teaching others. They are dedicated to providing the finest skilled and comprehensive services possible. Our team approach offers us ongoing peer review, and an opportunity to bring fresh ideas to challenging problems.

Norman Shub, our clinical director, is recognized as a leader in his field and our training and community programs attract participants nationally.

While each of us has a broad range of experience with diverse populations, we also have areas of particular expertise. These include precise and in-depth diagnosis, assessment and treatment of character problems, women’s issues, borderline and dissociative disorders, law enforcement issues, learning problems, adult and childhood trauma, emerging identity concerns, severe anxiety and depression.